Are your shirts available in stores?

Currently, our T-shirts are available exclusively at and at your local Gangster Vegan Organics Store (


Do you ship overseas and internationally?

Currently we do not offer shipping outside of the U.S. We will be offering shipping overseas and internationally in the near future.


How can I help support This Shirt Feeds?

You can support us by spreading the word! Posting to social media and sharing our mission and giving story helps us reach more people, provide more meals, and influence the future generation into optimal health. Please post a picture or video on your FB or IG wearing your Gangster Vegan T-Shirt. And be sure to tag us.

FB: @ThisShirtFeedsAChild
IG: @thisshirtfeeds

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You can also (link>) donate (<link) directly to the This Shirt Feeds Mission for our next feeding event.

Please contact us directly for additional ways that you can support.

Is This Shirt Feeds a charity?

No, This Shirt Feeds is a for-purpose, for-profit brand creating and inspiring healthy change for future generations. We believe in using power of business to give back to the community and make the world a better place. Our mission is to awaken the youth to "get right" by eating healthfully and living optimally. With our business model we are able to provide healthy, organic vegan meals to children without relying on fundraising.

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